My Fur Baby

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If you follow me on Instagram you will have already spotted the new little dude in my life, and he is pretty damn gorgeous if I do say so myself. Having lost our family dog Harv back in June, there was a hole in our family that would never be filled. He was a long haired golden retriever and the biggest softy in the world, and his love for chocolate rivalled mine (having last year eaten every single choc that was hanging on the christmas tree – luckily no illness followed, the had an iron tum the champ!)

Going from a 5-person house to a 2-person, the house was very quiet with just me and Mum so we decided we were ready to be dog-owners again. I never, ever considered myself a small dog person, but as you can you see I very much am now! My granny had daschunds growing up and always spoke of them fondly and we knew we wanted a smaller and less hairy dog this time round as our lifestyles are very different now to when Harv was a pup.

After looking into different breeds we fell in love with the short haired daschunds and I had named Wilbur before I’d even laid eyes on him! We found a gorgeous breeder who lived fairly close and went to see the pups two days later. Safe to say I fell in love! He was the first pup that came over to me when we got there and we’ve been pretty inseparable ever since! As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have M.E which means I have times where I really struggle to do anything apart from be in bed and other times I can be OK. So this was a big consideration for us aswell. Luckily daschunds are the most cuddly and sleepy little creatures and he loves nothing more than cuddling in with me when I’m not feeling so good. To be honest he’s not a big walker on a good day, you have to coax him along the pavement with his ball and even then 100 metres can take 30 mins… I think he just prefers being cosy like his mum…

I should also mention the other main man in my life. Matt is such a dog man and was a little dubious about a small dog at first, but he is so in love and I can’t wait to add to our clan. So with that being said, meet Wilbur. I am so overwhelmed by love and he makes me smile everyday. I am officially a crazy sausage dog mum.

H x

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